Craftbook Features added to Horizons

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Craftbook Features added to Horizons

Post by Stygian_Inquirer » 09 Aug 2015, 18:25

Hello everyone,
In response to popular demand we have added some new craftbook features to Horizons. We have had several mechanisms active for some time including gates, doors, bridges, pipes and better pistons options and now it is time for some more. Enjoy.

Sorters - mc1229, mc0229 - These can replace hopper sorting systems and save the server a lot of lag and they are fast. For more information: By default items going through that match the contents of the chest go through the output to the right. This can be changed by adding 'invert' to the third line of the sign.

Autocrafters - mc1219, mc0219 - These are autocrafters, you put in a recipe and each time it is completed, it spits out the desired item. For more information:

Cooking Pots - These are special furnaces where you can smelt a chest of food. They can be powered by redstone or fuel. For more information:

Cauldrons - These are used to craft blocks that cannot normally be found in Horizons. For more basic information, look here:
For cauldrons in Horizons, you need to use a shovel to stir your ingredients. The following are the active recipes:

Packed Ice
4 Ice Blocks = 1 Packed Ice Block

1 Red Mushroom + 1 Brown Mushroom + Dirt = 1 Mycelium Block

1 Grass Block + 1 Mycelium Block + 4 Sticks = 1 Podzol Block

1 Vine + 4 Leaf blocks (any type) = 1 Lilypad

1 Sand Block + 1 Gravel Block + 1 Leaf block (any type) + 1 Gold Block = 1 Sponge

4 String + 1 Slimeball = 1 Cobweb

Dead Bush
1 Sapling (any type) + 1 Rotten Flesh = 1 Dead Bush

Iron Horse Armour
6 Iron Blocks + 1 Saddle = 1 Iron Horse Armour

Gold Horse Armour
6 Gold Blocks + 1 Saddle = 1 Gold Horse Armour

Diamond Horse Armour
6 Diamond Blocks + 1 Saddle = 1 Diamond Horse Armour

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