Poll #2: Seven Years of History

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What would you like to see happen to legacy builds?

Bring the old worlds back, merged into one big survival world.
No votes
Take the best creations and use them to build a big city on the new world.
Take the best creations and use them for mini-games and such.
I don't care about old builds. Give me newness!
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Poll #2: Seven Years of History

Post by haxxorzd00d » 04 Aug 2017, 10:31

The second of my polls to help shape the future of Escapecraft.

We've built a hell of a lot over the past seven years, and though most of it has been archived and isn't playable in survival or any format anymore, it's still there and it's still good. My question to you is: do you care? I've got some ideas to repurpose our legacy builds, and I'd like to know what you think.

- Survival mega-map: merge ALL our worlds into one big survival romp that you can return to. Finish your builds on Tolteca, Borjan, or wherever.
- An awe-inspiring city: With the help of my trusty WorldEdit, I'll build us a spawn city for a new survival world from our former creations. They'd be repurposed as shops, arenas, and anything else we could think of. There would also be plots available in this city, should you wish to build amongst our history.
- Reuse old builds/worlds in non-survival ways, like for arenas and games in Enigma. You'd see them again, but in unexpected places.
- Tell 'em to sod right off.

Let me know via the poll up top.

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Re: Poll #2: Seven Years of History

Post by random980 » 05 Aug 2017, 05:07

I'm all for preserving history where we can, otherwise i'd vote for "dont care, give newness." At the same time i hate how history and tradition can get in the way of new stuff and advancement. I think taking the best stuff and using them for mini-games would be a fantastic option. Survival is new and fresh while the old stuff is out the way not impacting the future of Escapecraft, yet reaming to the side to still be enjoyed.
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Re: Poll #2: Seven Years of History

Post by personal_builder » 05 Aug 2017, 07:01

I agree with random with this one. Keep survival as a new ground for everyone to work on together from scratch while keeping the creations in a mini-game or adventure world so they won't be lost. Do make sure that the new people will know that these were once survival builds and not some cheap creative builds. Also wouldn't McEdit be faster than WorldEdit for these worlds? Ah that is more for you to decide on. So everyone make these builds even greater in an adventure world!
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