[Magna] City of Deltaria

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[Magna] City of Deltaria

Post by It'sDaveHD » 10 Nov 2017, 16:45

Welcome to Deltaria!

Deltaria is the first official city in the world of Magna! Located across the ocean east of Magna spawn, Deltaria features hundreds of meters of shoreline, the Deltora River, and convenient proximity to Carthage, Tindera, Ice Station, and StiJoLew's awesome place. We welcome any new players looking for a great place to live! Though the city is under construction, all basic infrastructure is complete including roads, bridges, and rail stations (rails not completed yet).

City Layout
The left side (North) of the river will be primarily residential. Small businesses are fine, but no highrises. The right side (South) will be the "Downtown" area with towers, office buildings, the Deltaria Grand Station, City Hall, and more. Apartments will be available here as well.

Rail System
We are planning to have 3 rail lines available in Deltaria, all of which are accessible at the Deltaria Grand Station. The three lines are the Blue Line (local, within Deltaria only), Red Line (connecting surround locations), and the Green Line (connecting Deltaria to mainland and Magna Spawn via rail bridge). In the map, squares indicate corresponding line stations.

City Staff
->ItsDaveHD: Co-Owner, Mayor
->Demonnaruto21: Co-Owner, Police Commissioner
->ato784: Deputy Commissioner of Police
->Serubin: Head of Development

Members of City Council
->ItsDaveHD - Council President
->Demonnaruto21 - Council Vice President

Wanna Help?
Great! We are looking for town staff, builders, and residents to be on the City Council (a governing body for the city). Contact me or Demon :)

Can't find this place...
Be sure you are in Magna. Head to these coordinates: x=1400 z=-330

Current Real Estate Openings:
Key Tower (mixed use) | Floors 2-4: Retail | Floors 5-10: Living | Floors 12-14: Office | Floors 15-17: 3 floor suite
Tower 280 (mixed use) | Floors 1-3: Retail | Floors 4-11: Living
The Metropolitan (residential) | Floors 2-11: Living
City Hall (government) | Floors 2-3: Government and Private Offices
Legacy Tower (mixed use) | Floors 2-11: Living / Offices
Vega Apartments (mixed use) | Floors 1-6: Living
General Brock Tower (office) | Floors 2-11: Offices
Residential District (mixed use) | Various plots for houses and small businesses

We look forward to seeing you!
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Re: [Magna] City of Deltaria

Post by Demonnaruto21 » 13 Nov 2017, 01:19

Dis city is cool >_>

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Re: [Magna] City of Deltaria

Post by Furdabip » 13 Nov 2017, 01:45


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