Holiday BigBuild 2017 Winner!

Previous event info along with the winners info/build
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Holiday BigBuild 2017 Winner!

Post by wokka1 » 25 Dec 2017, 17:37


Special Announcement - Drum Roll Please - Shadowcreator won!!

Mountbatten's Xmas Night In

Spoiler! :
The best entry will win a Custom Forum Rank of Big Build Winner as well as your statue placed in the winners lounge in the hub! The winner will also receive a late holiday present from wokka in the mail!
The Staff will be hosting a big build event, aiming to see builds inspired by the holidays from Dec 15th to Dec 24th in the Event Arena!
To Sign Up: go to the event arena and grab yourself a plot. Only one plot per person or risk disqualification... or worse...
To get to the event arena: From the hub, walk into the igloo or type /bigbuild.
More Details and Rules!
  • Build something that fits the theme.
  • The Event Arena will open Dec 15th, and closes on Dec 24th, for judging.
    Build early!
  • Entries can be anything pertaining to the holiday spirit.
  • Judges will pick the best three entries, as well as "honorable mentions".
  • Claiming more than one plot will result in disqualification from the contest and possibly a suspension!
  • Teams: no teams for this event please, compete!
  • Judges for this event are Derigin, Tulonsae, and wokka
Notice: The Events Arena will be closed for judging at the end of the week, on Dec 24th, 2017 - You have a bit over ONE WEEK to build your entry!
When the Event Starts:

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Re: Holiday BigBuild 2017 Winner!

Post by Hytro » 25 Dec 2017, 17:46

Congratulations Shadow 😁
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