EC Worlds Has Been Updated!

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EC Worlds Has Been Updated!

Post by Tulonsae » 01 Nov 2017, 20:01

We've made some changes to the EC Worlds!

First, we've changed the Hub world so that it has creative mode. You can fly about and build in creative mode. We're still getting everything setup so don't mind the mess.

We have separate inventory, including what you wear, for creative and survival. So your survival inventory will be available when you're on any survival world. And your creative inventory will be available on any creative world.

To protect your builds, either use the /claim command or ask a member of staff to set up one for you. This is for both creative and survival worlds.

The Hub Building itself has been modified. There are openings to its world and portals to the other worlds and the Puzzle Hub.

Second, we have added a brand new world, Magna. Magna has all the biomes, a small spawn building, and 2 outposts - Mountain Post in the NE and Swamp Post in the SW. The Magna spawn has portals to both outposts, the hub, and to the Puzzle Hub. Unfortunately, Magna has no Mansions within its borders, but it does have the other structures.

You are welcome to bring your inventory from the other survival worlds to Magna.

Third, we have removed the portal for the TNA world. We plan to retire this world - soon! We have made the world unbuildable. If you have stored items that you want to retrieve, contact a staff member. They will set you up with access to your stuff so you can move it to another survival world.

Fourth, our Puzzle Master (ShadowCreator) has created more puzzles for you. You can type /puzzlelist ingame to see the list. Or simply go to the Puzzle Hub and look around. You can access the Puzzle Hub via a portal or by typing /puzzles.

General Information

You will find an Introduction (with the list of worlds) and links to other information here.

Future Plans

We do have plans for the future. Our Puzzle Master continues to build new and challenging puzzles. We are looking at possibly holding simple events. We recommend you visit our Minecraft General Discussion forum, read about what's going on, and participate in the discussion.

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Re: EC Has Been Updated!

Post by wokka1 » 05 Nov 2017, 00:19

Thanks for all of the hard work team, and especially Tulonsae and Haxx for the time you've put into updating the server.

Many of you don't see the time and effort the mods and admins put into the work they do to keep the server running and adding new things, so thank a mod/admin the next time you see them and be patient with requests. Everyone here is a volunteer and do this for the fun of it, so please, make it fun for them :)


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